Howard Healthcare Academy

There were much-needed and most-welcome holiday cheers waiting for students of Brightwood College in San Diego, California, just before Christmas of the past year. The dental assistant students were greeted that morning with the sad news that the said trade school was suddenly closing. But, thankfully, Dr. Kami Hoss and the Howard Healthcare Academy immediately stepped up to help the students go through their options.

Howard Healthcare Academy’s program director and team quickly developed ways to offer the stranded students both discounts and scholarship opportunities. Dr. Kami Hoss believes that it is the duty of the Dental Board of California -approved school to provide aid during these hard times, which, aside from the mentioned scholarships, will allow the affected students that all-important continuity in their education.

Dr. Kami Hoss has been a renowned leader in both orthodontics and pediatric industry for over 21 years. He understands that in co-founding The Super Dentists, he was likewise committing to training dental assistants, which have been in high demand as the company kept growing. He understood that he needed to keep up with the times and work on both transforming and reinventing the dental educational experience, which resulted in the establishing of the Howard Healthcare Academy.

Howard Healthcare Academy is approved to offer standalone courses as a Continuing Education (CEU) provider by the Dental Board of California. It is located at 9737 Aero Drive in the Sierra Mesa area of San Diego (92123). For inquiries and more information about the school, you may call (619) ACADEMY, visit, or email

Dental Assisting Faculty

Dr. Kami Hoss believes in putting kids in the center of their universe. He showed this by co-founding The Super Dentists, which has reinvented and transformed the dental experience for children. He is also committed to helping assists dental students with scholarships. More on Dr. Hoss’ work and advocacies here.